We've always loved her.  Who doesn't.  Not only is she one of the world's best actors, she runs her own charitable organization - CTAOP - Charlize Theron's Africa Outreach Program.  

CTAOP's mission is to advance the health, education and safety of youth living in South Africa.  When Charlize's team asked Courser to donate a pair of our Uno luxury sneakers for their recent silent auction fundraiser, we were more than happy to participate.

With an overwhelming audience, the silent auction was part of CTAOP's annual Block Party, held on the lot at Universal Studios.  It takes a village!  And attendees opened their hearts and wallets in support of this movement, to help service the needs of unstoppable young people in Southern Africa.  Armed with an authenticity in CTAOP's leadership and purpose, Courser was genuinely humbled to lend a hand.

With Courser's commitment to supporting activities that genuinely make an impact in improving people's lives, we hope to become annual participants in this worthy endeavor.  Go HERE to donate! 

June 19, 2022