About Courser

Not your average sneaker

Courser delivers shoes that feel better than good; shoes that inject energy, comfort and support with every step. Using selectively sourced materials, each Courser is handcrafted by artisans in Italy’s best factories. Timeless, sleek and extraordinary, Coursers are shoes that marry a one-of-a-kind ride (fit) with a look that redefines classic.

The Courser dog

Our Courser hunting dog symbolizes focus and loyalty - the same focus and loyalty we inject into every single aspect of our business - our product, our manufacturing, our customer experience and our community. Fast - steady - dependable and, of course, beautiful.

Who we are

A collection of like-minded, active, driven and passionate individuals all from different backgrounds and disciplines—with a collective desire to fill a gap in the footwear space. Our philosophy is that product comes first, always. We will work tirelessly to deliver a best-in-class shoe that makes our team and the entire Courser community proud.

It's taken centuries to get to this point. A universe of new technology. It's time to own the shoe that can hardly be called a sneaker.

Hand Made in Italy

Throughout history, Italy has been home to some of the world’s finest craftspeople, materials, and the most technically-fine products ever made. A perfect home for Courser.


Using cutting edge technologies and materials and combining painstaking handwork, all while honoring and advancing the heritage of impeccable shoe making in Italy. In short, if it’s not perfect, it’s not enough.


A proprietary midsole married with a  Cabitex™ Dynamically Flexible Carbon Fiber creates all-day stability and comfort underfoot, enabling efficient and enhanced organic movement.