Courser Uno in Acid Green

The Upper

With utmost care, we handpick a featherweight 0.5mm nubuck leather for our outermost layer. Through meticulous sanding and gentle buffing, a smooth, natural velvet unfolds. To ensure a fit that embraces both support and flexibility, our soft nubuck is mated to an unyeilding fabric, Dyneema, then bonded with precise heat to create zones impervious to stretching. This fusion of materials results in uppers that provide unwavering stability and evolving comfort.

Behind the scenes factory look at the the Courser Uno's construction

Elevated Construction

Under the watchful eye and guiding hands of our Italian craftspeople, we fashion our shoes using a proprietary construction method. This technique ensures a more refined, adaptive fit, combining lightness with flexibility. The outcome is a glove-like feel, as the shoe envelops the foot, allowing it to move with confidence and freedom, as if wearing a handcrafted slipper.


Carbitex carbon fiber plate used in Courser luxury sneakers

Advanced Engineered Carbon Fiber Plate

Within every Uno resides a full-length carbon fiber plate, meticulously engineered to the precise specifications of every shoe size. This featherweight modern marvel enhances energy return during dynamic movements, amplifying the kinetic movements of running. Even during moments of pause, its presence ensures stability. By stabilizing the ankle joint and relieving strain on the calves, the plate safeguards against potential injuries, allowing the toes to rest naturally and securely.

Behind the scenes look at the components of a Courser Uno

Bio-Based Dyneema Fiber

Our successful use of such thin nubuck leather is due to a revolutionary fiber - Dyneema. Embraced by some of the most demanding industries in military, maritime and law enforcement, Dyneema is the world's strongest fiber. 15x stronger than steel, yet is can float on water. It is the first ever bio-based, ultra-high molecular polyethylene Dyneema fiber. The fiber reduces our reliance on fossil fuel based resources while allowing us to blend rare luxury materials with the most promising technological innovations. By fusing our nubuck leather with Dyneema we create an incredibly thin, soft, and supple upper with unmatched strength and durability.

Proprietary Midsole

At the heart of Courser lies our proprietary midsole, a product of relentless innovation. Crafted from a compression resistant polyurethane (PU) foam, it surpasses the durability of conventional EVA materials found in most running shoes, boasting a remarkable 2-3x greater resilience. Despite its inherent strength, this PU foam remains lightweight, thanks to Courser's pioneering air-blown technique. An enduring combination of high resiliency and exceptional comfort, your shoes age gracefully without succumbing to wear. Safeguarded by a protective outer film the midsole defies the elements, with a sleek and aerodynamic surface that effortlessly withstands the kinetic pace of the modern world.

Italian woman making Courser Uno luxury sneakers in Italian factory

Made by Hand in Italy

We selected our Italian factory not for its speed of production, but rather its love of the craft of shoemaking, dedication to quality, and extraordinary precision. These second-generation master craftspeople are creating something truly one of a kind.