Handcrafting luxury sneakers in Italy

Made by hand in Italy

Throughout history, Italy has been home to some of the world's finest craftspeople, materials, and the most technically-fine products ever made. A perfect home for Courser. Every Courser shoe is 100% made in Italy by hand. The Italian Courser factory wasn't selected for its speed of production, but rather its love of the craft of shoemaking, dedication to quality, and extraordinary precision.


Courser Uno in Acid Green

The Upper

We choose a 0.5 mm nubuck leather for our outermost Upper material. First, we sand and buff it in order to give it a distinctive appearance and surface, which closely resembles a fine, natural velvet. Then, our buttery soft nubuck is backed with an ultra-strong fabric that is thermo-bonded to create no-stretch zones for a supportive, flexible fit. These fused Uppers create extraordinarily stable, comfortable support.

Behind the scenes factory look at the the Courser Uno's construction

Elevated Construction

Utilizing the unique skill and tradition of our Italian craftsmen, we are able to fabricate our shoes with a special construction allowing for a more comfortable, adaptive fit that is both light and flexible. The lining and insole are hand-cut and sewn together. The construction is then precisely united with the buttery soft nubuck upper. The result is a glove-like feel that hugs the foot, allowing it to move securely and freely from the outer leather with a slipper-like feel.


Carbitex carbon fiber plate used in Courser luxury sneakers

Advanced Engineered Carbon Fiber Plate

Every Uno has a full-length, lightweight, 100% carbon fiber plate specifically designed to the shoe’s last specifications throughout the entire size run. The plate allows for increased energy return when running, while providing overall comfort and support when not. It is beneficial in stabilizing the ankle joint, reducing the load on the calves, and keeping the toes straight, essentially lowering the risk of injury.

Behind the scenes look at the components of a Courser Uno

Bio-Based Dyneema Fiber

The reason Courser can successfully use such thin Nubuck leather is due to a revolutionary fiber - Dyneema.  Embraced by some of the most demanding industries (military, maritime, law enforcement), Dyneema is the world's strongest fiber. 15x stronger than steel, yet it can float on water. It is the first-ever bio-based ultra-high molecular polyethylene Dyneema fiber—allowing Courser to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel based resources and reduce carbon footprint while still striving to bring the most promising technological innovations. By fusing our Nubuck leather with Dyneema we create an incredibly thin, soft, and supple upper with unparalleled strength and durability that increases the longevity of the shoe.

An up close look at the midsole of a Courser Uno

Proprietary Midsole

Courser’s proprietary midsole is made from a compression-resistant Polyurethane (PU) foam which is 2-3x more durable than EVA (the material used in most every other running shoe), while maintaining similar density. Typically PU can feel heavy, but Courser developed an air-blown PU that is ultra-lightweight so you don’t have to compromise for the high resiliency and unrivaled comfort you experience as your shoes wear in without wearing out. What’s more, an outer film protects the midsole from the elements while giving it a smooth, aerodynamic surface that is easily cleanable with a soft cleaner or soapy water.