Handcrafting luxury sneakers in Italy

Made by hand in Italy

Throughout history, Italy has been home to some of the world's finest craftspeople, materials, and the most technically-fine products ever made. A perfect home for Courser. Every Courser shoe is 100% made in Italy by hand. The Italian Courser factory wasn't selected for its speed of production, but rather its love of the craft of shoemaking, dedication to quality, and extraordinary precision.


The Upper

We choose a 0.5 mm nubuck leather for our outermost Upper material. First, we sand and buff it in order to give it a distinctive appearance and surface, which closely resembles a fine, natural velvet. Then, our buttery soft nubuck is backed with an ultra-strong fabric that is thermo-bonded to create no-stretch zones for a supportive, flexible fit. These fused Hyper-Luxe Uppers create extraordinarily stable, comfortable support.

The Sacchetto

We choose a sacchetto construction because it is the most comfortable—though no other performance sneaker maker uses it because it’s too costly. Sacchetto construction is a unique shoemaking technique that creates an unparalleled fit that’s flexible, light, and ultra-adaptive. First, the lining and insole are precisely hand-cut and sewn together. Then, that construction is precisely united with the Hyper-Luxe Upper. The result is an inner “sacchetto,” or “little bag” that hugs the foot to move securely—but freely—from the outer leather, creating a slipper-like feel.

The Last

The last is an anatomical representation of a foot that provides shoemakers the foundation to build the shoe around. Its form is everything, so we partnered with a venerable Master Last Maker to create unique men’s and women’s lasts. They were sculpted by hand with hornbeam wood and carving knives until the perfect dimensions and fit were achieved. While most athletic shoes sit on lasts for less than 20 minutes, our Uppers marinate on their lasts for 24 hours. A full day ensures a perfect shape and structure. From there, our Hyper-Luxe Uppers are mounted to the Carbon Fiber Insole and the Veloce Bottom.


Carbitex™ Carbon Fiber Plate

You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. In that case, consider Carbitex our best and most innovative friend.  Carbitex and its Carbon Fiber Foot Plate is the lifeblood of Courser's extraordinary ride. Carbitex focuses on harnessing carbon fiber's extreme performance in a flexible form.

Carbitex plates exponentially increase stiffness to optimize performance in changing scenarios - no matter the activity. It can offer sneaker-like flexibility when walking and track spike stiffness when running.  It creates all-day stability and comfort underfoot and enables efficient and enhanced organic movement, all with a lightweight characteristic that allows for a sleek and sophisticated profile.