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Do you know that feeling when you first sink into the fine leather seats of a performance automobile?  The leather and ergonomics of the seat seem to hug you and pull you in before you embark on an exhilarating ride.  That is Courser.

Soft buttery nubuck in a unique sachetto construction invites you to sink into the footbed as the supple leather begins molding to your foot creating a level of comfort and custom fit not seen in this space.  The advanced heat welding technology negates the need for traditional stitching to provides unparalleled construction and durability while its sleek aesthetic instills motion and speed.

The Veloce X midsole is made of a proprietary compound and is incredibly light, yet dense to minimize compression and maximize energy return.  Lastly, the customized 100% full length carbon fiber footplate will help promote stability, flexibility and minimize injury risk by reducing “joint loading” at the knees and the ankles. Why use carbon fiber in a luxury sneaker?  The better question is, why not?  We do not want to be one dimensional, if we discover a material or technology that can make Courser perform better throughout your day – we will use it!

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"No Rules" Returns

We have a "No Rules" Return Policy for a full 60 days after purchase. We not only want you to try on your Coursers, we want you to experience them. Our shoes offer a one-of-a kind fit, feeling and "ride". They will feel different than any other sneaker when you first try them on. Due to the nature of the construction, your Coursers will begin to mold to your feet after the first few wearings and become a custom fitted shoe just for you. They will get better and better the more you wear them. We're certain you'll love them but if you don't, you can return them for a full refund, no questions asked, worn or not, within 60 days. The only thing we ask is to give us your honest feedback—good and bad—so we can use that to make our next shoe even better. And of course we offer free exchanges for size or color for unworn shoes.

To initiate a return or exchange, please go HERE. We will provide a prepaid return shipping label if you live in the United States.

Cleaning & Care
Your Coursers are designed to wear well and age gracefully. We've found they need very little care or cleaning but if needed, you can lightly brush the nubuck uppers to clean off any dust, dirt or mud trapped in the nap of the nubuck. The midsole can be wiped down with a soft cloth that has been moistened, or you can use one of those magic erasers.
Made in Italy

100% made by hand in Italy by the finest craftspeople using the best materials available.

Free Shipping

Free express shipping within the continental U.S. via UPS 2nd Day Air.

"No Rules" Returns

Return for any reason whatsoever, worn or not, within 60 days

Uno Features


We choose a sacchetto construction because it is the most comfortable—though no other performance sneaker maker uses it because it’s too costly. Sacchetto construction is a unique shoemaking technique that creates an unparalleled fit that’s flexible, light, and ultra-adaptive. 

Lastly, our upper pattern pieces are hand-cut and joined together using a combination of heat and ultrasound. The result is a welded, abrasion-resistant seal that won’t deteriorate or decay. Welded upper seams are also lighter, smoother, and less bulky than traditionally stitched seams—for slipper-like comfort and flexibility.

These artisans following these processes are so highly skilled and meticulous with every movement - without Italy, and our talented friends at the factory, Courser would not be possible.


You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. In that case, consider Carbitex our best and most innovative friend.  Carbitex and its DFX Dynamically Flexible Carbon Fiber Foot Plate is the lifeblood of Courser's extraordinary ride. Carbitex focuses on harnessing carbon fiber's extreme performance in a flexible form.

DFX plates exponentially increase stiffness to optimize performance in changing scenarios - no matter the activity. DFX can offer sneaker-like flexibility when walking and track spike stiffness when running.  It creates all-day stability and comfort underfoot and enables efficient and enhanced organic movement, all with a lightweight characteristic that allows for a sleek and sophisticated profile.